About Me

My name is Matt. I’m far from being perfect but I do strive to be a Man of God. Writing on this website seems to help me stay on track. I hope it is some help to others too. Here are some pictures of my family.

Collage of my wife Janet and I, married 6/08/2002.


Our daughter Eve born 03/21/2006.


I enjoy spending time with my growing family, reading and running. I’m interested in international affairs, international non-profit organizations (specifically in Southeast Asia), early American literature, wilderness survival and digital photography. I am currently working as a mid-level hospital administrator but have plans to attend graduate school Fall 2007 to study public administration/international affairs.


One comment

  1. Hey! First of all, I am proud of you for making this website. I miss you guys a ton always. I am so pleased to have a older brother like you. Thank for giving your opinion, it helps me. I am finally a junior now, I’m growing up fast. Thanks for always being their, for being my friend, for being my older amazing brother. Tell Janet and Eve that their amazing too. I love you guys always, let me know if I can do anything for you.
    Your Little Brother,
    Joshua Dustin

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